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Vietnam Veterans of the 21st Signal Group

Nha Trang, June 1966 to End of Engagement, April 1972.

This web site was created to welcome home Vietnam Veterans of the 21st Signal Group HHD and Aviation Detachment. The web site will offer viewers a glimpse of our mission, who performed the missions and what we thought while completing our tasks.

On the left, you will find links to guide you through the site. Here you will find the names of fellow veterans, email addresses, unit history, photo albums, individual stories, and a memorial page to our KIA.

A special thank you to the veterans who contributed their photographs, experiences and expertise to establish this web site.

A heartfelt thank you to Connie Chronister, our first webmaster, and our current webmaster Ed Gregory. Without their tireless efforts this web site would still be a dream.

We are continually looking for additional photographs, unit historical documents, and unit stories. Please contact us via our feedback form or via email.

Enjoy your visit to our 21st Signal Group web site and please sign our guestbook.

We were called, we served, and we came home with honor.

29 thoughts on “Welcome Home”

    1. Hello Merlin.. Welcome Home and thank you for connecting with our 21st Signal Group website. Best to ya, Bill Comrey, 21st Signal Aviation Detachment, Jan69 to Aug69

  1. I was among some of the earlier members and have since moved to a new address. Please put me back on the register. I served at HHD from May 67 to May 68. I was the group food advisor and MSG Robert Cromwell was my NCO .

    1. Hello Charlie.. I remember you as the Flight Op Center guy in 1969. I was the Tech Supply/Arms Room guy. My name is Bill Comrey. You worked with Jim Swift, who went to the same AIT school as I. If I remember correctly you lived in Mineral Well, TX. Please contact me at BillComrey@comcast.net

  2. Hello Bill Greene … Welcome back. I lost your Email addresses several years ago. It’s good to have you back with us. Bill Comrey, 21st Sig Avn. Det. Jan69 to Aug69

  3. To all Vets everywhere THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE I am so proud to just be among you guys…I was in Nha trang Vietnam in 69 an d 70 played guitar with David {Stoney} Fraizer God Bless you all……

    1. Hello Ernie… Thank you for contact me via this website. Contact me via regular Email if and when you get this reply thru our website. Best to you, Bill Comrey

  4. My brother Larry Daniels from Neillsville, WI served in this group from 1969-1971. My family and I honored his service today at the Highground by laying a Legacy Stone in his memory. If any of you vets new Larry during this time I would love to hear from you. Sadly Larry died of terminal brain cancer in December 2013. My respect and gratitude to all of you vets.
    Steve Daniels

    1. Hello Steve… I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother Larry Daniels. Please get back to via regular Email at BillComrey@comcast.net I was with the 21st Signal Group from Jan 1969 to Aug 14, 1969, so maybe my time overlapped with Larry. By his name I don’t recall him. We had two units at 21st Sig, one was the HHD were the men performed clerical, technical and engineer work … and the other unit was the Aviation Detachment were aviation services were performed. I was with the aviation unit. I was the Aviation Tech Supply Sgt. I’ll

  5. Hello, I am looking for anyone who has served with my father Richard V King in Vietnam. He was there from 69-70. I am hoping I have the right company that he was with. I am looking to find others that had stories of my dad while he was there. He unfortunately passed away March 17, 2007 from Lung Cancer, due to Agent Orange Exposure. As far back as I can remember I loved listening to his stories of his time in Vietnam. I actually miss hearing them. Even the not so good ones, only because I felt honored that my dad was comfortable enough to discuss these with me once he was able to open up and share them. He suffered from sever PTSD, but even through that and growing up with it all my life I was proud of him. I hold his service to our country and his time in Vietnam in my heart. He is the very reason why I support my Vets, ESPECIALLY my Vietnam Vets. Y’all have a special place in my heart. Thank you for your service and I always like to tell all of them WELCOME HOME, I know that was something that the American people denied you of. I am also a wife of a 2 time war veteran OIF/OEF that has also taught me the love for our Soldiers, he too suffers from PTSD. Thank you again, and I hope to hear something soon.

    1. Hello Lisa, this is Bill Comrey a fellow vet with your father Rich. You know me thru my Email contacts with your mother and I also attended Rich’s funeral in 2007. I sent a note to all my fellow 21st Signal vets (about 120 men). Since your father arrived at 21st Signal and only stayed there for a week or so before he was assigned to the 292nd Military Police unit there may not be too many men that remembers Rich. I’ll look to see if the 292nd MPs have a website. take care and give your husband a hug for being a good husband and father as well as a two time veteran of that mess in the Middle East. Take care, Bill Comrey

    2. I did not know your dad young lady but may I offer you my condolences . I commend any person who served at that time in our countries time of need and am a wounded soldier supporter may god be with you and your family…..GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND OUR COUNTRY

  6. Bill,
    Good to find you again on the web. Served as a Warrant Officer Helicopter Pilot with the 21st from Aug 71 to June 72. Was in the UH-1H crash on Praline Oct 1st, 1971….my crumpled Huey pics on the website. Welcome Home to all my Brothers. Take Care,

  7. Served with 21st sig group headquarters co. In Na Thrang April 1970 until Jan. 1971. I was the clerk for the first sargent in the beginning then moved to the telephone operations area. I have forgotten names and would like to reconnect with the men that were there at that time. Lots of good memories but no names.

  8. I’m not sure if I have the correct place. Thank you all for your service. My father Cliff Bonds served in Vietnam with the Signal Group. Can anyone tell me anything about my dad?

  9. Was in na trang from April 70 till January 71. I was on the Air Force base until late 70 then moved to the army base. Our work area and barracks was on the Air Force base, we also ate in the Air Force mess hall. Much better than the army! Are there any plans for a reunion any time soon? I have pictures I would gladly send if I can get a grandchild to help me. Is there any way to get the names of men I served with? Any help will be appreciated!

  10. I was in Vietnam in the 21st as a door gunner. Does anyone remember what MOS was assigned to door gunners then ?
    Thanks And Welcome Home !

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